• Memorial Day

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  • Sunday Funday: Studio Cycle Style

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try a cycling class at HF? Well, you’re in luck! HealthyFit blogger, Genevieve, gives us an inside look at her first class with Vanessa!  At 8 a.m., I woke up to get ready for brunch. Just kidding. I actually signed up for HealthyFit’s 9 a.m. spin class

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  • Questions about the 2018 HF Challenge?

    First Day of Challenge: The Challenge begins Sunday April 22 Healthy Living Program: Participants will have access to our Healthy Living program during the Challenge. You can do an initial consultation with Kathy, weigh in and take starting measurements.  Whether you decide to use the service to stay accountable, need meal plan suggestions, or want to follow

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  • Warriors… come out to plaaaaay! #HFCHALLENGE18

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  • Reconnect with who you were.

    During my daily therapy sesh with Jamie, we were chatting about #feelgoodfeb and our shared goal to actually follow along this month. We started talking about the things that make us feel alive. She had my wheels spinning! For me: singing in the shower, pop lock and dropping it to the baddest gangster rap, or

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  • Super Bowl Sunday

    Here is a frightening statistic: the average super bowl viewer will consume about 6,000 calories that day. Think about “INFLATE-GATE”. I’m about the 80/20 rule; if your food is good and clean 80% of the time, 20% allows for life, and super bowl, to get in the way. Four hours of over-indulgent eating really won’t

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  • The Buddy System

    Community is everything at HF — all the more reason to bring one of your pals along the next time you come to workout. More than just having a familiar face at the club, there are definitely perks to the #buddysystem. Find out more below! Accountability. If you’re trying to achieve a goal, whether it’s being part

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  • Recipe of the week

    Happy New Year! I thought this was a good recipe to make ahead; have it for a dinner or lunch. For people who are going dairy free: you can omit the yogurt. If you are doing Paleo or Whole 30 this fits in (minus the dairy). GREEK MEATBALLS WITH AVOCADO TZATZIKI MEATBALLS 1 LB. Ground

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  • New Years Schedule

    Monday, January 1st 10:30am Cycle with Cheyenne 11:30am Kick & Sculpt with Jes B 3pm Run For It with Rosa 4:45pm Power Yoga with Jessica *Please note: there will be no 4pm Pilates on Sunday 12/31*    

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