• Reconnect with who you were.

    During my daily therapy sesh with Jamie, we were chatting about #feelgoodfeb and our shared goal to actually follow along this month. We started talking about the things that make us feel alive. She had my wheels spinning! For me: singing in the shower, pop lock and dropping it to the baddest gangster rap, or

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  • Super Bowl Sunday

    Here is a frightening statistic: the average super bowl viewer will consume about 6,000 calories that day. Think about “INFLATE-GATE”. I’m about the 80/20 rule; if your food is good and clean 80% of the time, 20% allows for life, and super bowl, to get in the way. Four hours of over-indulgent eating really won’t

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  • The Buddy System

    Community is everything at HF — all the more reason to bring one of your pals along the next time you come to workout. More than just having a familiar face at the club, there are definitely perks to the #buddysystem. Find out more below! Accountability. If you’re trying to achieve a goal, whether it’s being part

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  • Recipe of the week

    Happy New Year! I thought this was a good recipe to make ahead; have it for a dinner or lunch. For people who are going dairy free: you can omit the yogurt. If you are doing Paleo or Whole 30 this fits in (minus the dairy). GREEK MEATBALLS WITH AVOCADO TZATZIKI MEATBALLS 1 LB. Ground

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  • New Years Schedule

    Monday, January 1st 10:30am Cycle with Cheyenne 11:30am Kick & Sculpt with Jes B 3pm Run For It with Rosa 4:45pm Power Yoga with Jessica *Please note: there will be no 4pm Pilates on Sunday 12/31*    

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  • Holiday Hours

    Sunday, December 24th 7AM-2PM | Streamline & Sculpt CANCELLED |  Monday, December 25th CLOSED Tuesday, December 26th NORMAL CLUB HOURS  | Interval Kick @ 6:30AM CANCELLED |  | Run for It @ 9:30AM CANCELLED |   Wishing you a very Healthy & Happy Holiday!    

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  • 12 Days of Fitness

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  • A few signs that you’re ready to hire a Personal Trainer…

    It’s been on your vision board since you signed up for HealthyFit: Hire a personal trainer. And for whatever reasons (usually cost-related), you’ve been putting it off. As we’re rapidly approaching the holiday season, now is the perfect time to check it off your list and you’ll thank yourself come the new year. A few

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  • Just a few reminders…

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