"Today I ran the first mile without stopping once... this is a big deal for someone who has barely run in two years! Then I walked/jogged the rest! I've got a long way to go but with each run, I'm remembering why I loved it! Thank you Patti. Thank you HealthyFit." - Kelly Chase Gomez *

"I have been a member at HF for some time. In January 2015 I decided to actually try to be a "gym person". I tried Donna's basic spin. Once the nausea subsided (kidding) I actually really liked it and went back the next week. That first step led me to try a few other new things... I tried Pilates Reformer with Laura and was hooked. When The HF Challenge came around this fall I decided to give that a try too (with Donna as a coach I knew I would get the encouragement I needed).  That was the best decision I ever made.  I have continued working with Donna in small group and look forward to it every week.  I feel better, stronger and much more confident than ever.  I actually look forward to going to HF and have become a "gym person". - Libby M. *

"Since the onset of my arthritis, I have not been able to consistently work out for 16 years. It seemed that every time I tried to get into a routine the pain would cause me to stop. I was ready to quit, but HealthyFit would not give up on me. With the help of Jamar and the rest of the staff, I was able to get back on my feet again. His patience, compassion and attention to detail were a winning combination. 85% of my pain has disappeared in only two short weeks and now I can take a full stride without pain! I have been able to continue working out for two months straight. Jamar is truly a miracle worker. I am forever grateful for the support HealthyFit has showed me."
- Donna (Ex-Professional Tennis Player) *

"After a few months off and now looking for a gym closer to home, I realized that there's absolutely NO gym that compares... that being said I'm happily dragging my beer loving butt back to HF." - Apryl B.  (Brewster, NY)*

"The best gym I have ever been to. The staff is incredibly supportive, the classes are challenging and fun, the facility is clean and stocked with everything you need to achieve your goals. It is impossible to fail at Healthy Fit. Love it." - Deanna Migliore*

"I joined HealthyFit about a year ago to get in shape for my wedding and never imaged how far I would go...." -Kristin J.*  Read more on our blog!

HF Member Abby T. was up at 6AM, taught a full day of school, tutored afterwards, went home to make dinner for her family, and was at Jamar's new group glideXrow small group by 6PM . We checked in with her after to see how she felt: "I felt amazing all night and it gave me the energy to grade 20 papers! I love how you're changing the Small Group formats every 12 weeks. It keeps me on my toes and coming back for more".   - Abby T.*

"Signing up for Mudderella Small Group Training was the best decision I've made since joining HealthyFit. I walked into my first class alone, nervous, shy, and not sure what to expect and walked away from the Mudderella Run with a FAMILY.
Doing the Small Group Training didn't just kick my butt and prepare me for the run - it helped me make great new friends and develop a support system within the gym and it also got me to start trying out new and different classes and kept me coming back for more! I was getting a great workout, making new friends, and having FUN. I can't wait to do it all over again for the Trauma Run!!!" - Meaghan Byrnes*

“Thanks to exercising, I have found my lost energy and have a new attitude on becoming older. Since I'm only going through life once, why not make the most of it and enjoy my golden years until I reach 100 or more years?” —Louise*

“I signed up for The Healthy Living Program and lost 12 pounds in 2 months! For the first time in many months, I felt like my weight loss was possible. I saw results every week whether this was losing pounds, gaining confidence, or fitting into my old pair of jeans. I found the weekly contact with Kathy to be absolutely critical to my success. I felt like I had someone to talk to that really understood what I was struggling with and also had a woman's perspective. She gave me tips, encouraged me, but most of all, held me accountable. I needed that weekly check with the food journal and weigh in.
It made me conscious of the decisions I made throughout the week. It was the support system that I needed in an environment that felt safe and understanding. Admitting you're over weight and need help is hard. I encourage women that are struggling to find the motivation or just need the moral support to join this program.” —Julie W.*

“Being healthy in college is much easier said than done! I like to think I have continued the eating habits I started over the summer and that I continued to lose weight (maybe not as much as I did during the summer, but something). I know I could not have been able to do any of this without (Healthy Fit.) Thank you for everything you did over the summer. I will not forget what you taught me!” —Nia*

“I could not play tennis or powerwalk my two miles every day without using those resistance machines at Healthy Fit three times a week… I have been coming to that gym for almost ten years; it has kept me strong and looking relatively good in those little white tennis skirts!” —Jane M.*

“I love Healthy Fit, their staff and the members are all so friendly! I have belonged to all different types of gyms my whole life and have NEVER met such inspiring and dedicated women who are working out harder than ever — keep up the good work all!” —Allison*

“Healthy Fit for Women is an AMAZING gym. The classes and fitness instructors are the best I have ever had. The staff is friendly and they are so warm and inviting. I have definitely increased my endurance and stamina. I feel so much better about myself. There is aways free advice and tips to go around. I thoroughly enjoy my membership! Thanks to everyone there!” —Jillian Gonzalez*

“The best gym in town. Friendly staff, great facilities, good value! I love this gym!” —Sally on CitySearch.com*

“Working out at Healthy Fit is never boring: they offer a variety of fitness classes that really give your body a great workout (Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Spin and much more). Each class feels like a personal training session! Class times are good. Trainers are FANTASTIC: very motivating and supportive.” —Jeanette on CitySearch.com*

“It's been about 3.5 years since I joined (boy does time fly!) and I just completed my 5th 1/2 marathon yesterday! Couldn't have done it without Healthy Fit and Melanie! Here's hoping for 2:30 at the Philly 1/2 in the fall!” —Katy Fetzer*

“I started my weight loss journey exactly 5 months ago today. Getting to where I am now felt like the most impossible thing ever. Today at a loss of 60 pounds feels like the best thing ever! I'm not where I want to be yet but I know it's possible.” —Marisa Masciola*

“I've been a member for almost 5 years and I'm never bored! They're constantly changing it up and bringing in new ways to keep it fresh. I love spin with Jamie and Rosa - it's my time to zone out and instructors like them really know how to keep you motivated and engaged! I feel like I'm getting the boutique experience but for half the cost.... so worth it!" - Debbie C.*

“Clean, comfortable, good energy and so many classes! I never lasted more than a few months at other clubs. HF makes it easy to keep coming back!” —Casey D.*

“If you haven't tried the treadmill class yet and like a good cardio session and a good sweat you must! The intervals are perfect and the vibe is so positive and encouraging-planning to go every chance I get over my break from school.” —Amanda A.*

 "It's like being in a big playground. So much fun! I never get bored. Zumba is my thing but there's always great classes to pick from. Working out has actually become enjoyable.  HealthyFit is the place to be... oh and the people here are really nice too. That always helps!" - Elizabeth De Almeida*

*Results may vary by member
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