• Memorial Day Weekend

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  • #Mindful Monday

    Wellness Tips by Avra Blieden, LMT Try using your mind to help release tight muscles. Visualizing an image can help bring your body back to its natural alignment. Here is a visualization to help release a tight lower back from the book, Human Movement Potential by Lulu Sweigard, P.D. : You can be either sitting

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  • Are you home on summer break?!

    WE OFFER DISCOUNTS FOR STUDENTS & SHORT TERM PLANS FOR THE COLLEGE GIRL HealthyFit offers an affordable way to work out in a fun and comfortable environment when you’re home from school and on your break! Going to school in the area? We give a discounted membership rate for all students! Feel free to stop

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  • National Dandelion Day

    #Dandelions are way more than just that pesky weed on your lawn…. Dandelion greens provide you with Vitamin K which helps strengthen bones. They give you Vitamin C, B6, thiamin, riboflavin, calcium and iron. You can also reap benefits from sipping on dandelion tea: (If you are on any medication check with your physician first).

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  • A solid eight hours is paramount to success, and making sure your mind is at ease is one more way to get there.

    Good dreams are good for your health. Not only do they boost your morning mood, but they actually increase your productivity, too. So how do you wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day?  TIME YOUR MEALS AND DRINKS The fuller your stomach and the more hyped-up your brain before bed,

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    Some days you may wake up, whip up a delicious smoothie, grab your pre-made lunch for work, and make a well-thought out-dinner…and then others, well, it’s a crapshoot. Have you ever noticed how those days when you’re reliant on takeout and eating whatever will make your life easiest are typically the days when you’re feeling

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  • Snowday Workout

    Don’t let #Snowmageddon sabotage your workouts. You can still train hard at home with this chest and shoulder workout (that’s of course if you haven’t been shoveling). Kettlebell Swing Stand with your feet between hip- to shoulder-width apart, with the bell on the floor roughly six inches in front of you. Hinge your hips behind

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  • 5 ways to feel happier (and break a sweat at the same time)

    1. Stop chasing superficial goals and make happiness your priority Quit comparing yourself to others. You may think what you really want is chiseled abs and that J Lo booty but what you need to focus on is feeling confident, strong and happy. Jamie LeVine our Fitness Director recommends choosing a workout that boosts your

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    The winners of the post-Challenge competition goes to…. Sondra Levy, Heather Roseberry, and Kathy Kastenbaum.  Please see Kelly or Jamie to schedule your 6 SMALL GROUP SESSIONS. #EFFORTREWARDED

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  • The 2016 HealthyFit Challenge

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