Q&A with a Member Who Lost 47 Pounds!

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Nothing makes us more happy or proud, than seeing our members and clients at Healthy Fit working hard and achieving results. So you can imagine how excited we are when one of those women comes forward with an amazing story of success. Meet Leba Wise, who lost 47-lbs in just over a year! You’re an inspiration Leba!

Q:What brought you to Healthy Fit?

A: I joined Weight Watchers last May 2011 and during meetings I was inspired to find a gym that suited my needs.  When a client of mine recommended Healthy Fit, I tried it for the three-day trial and immediately signed up.  I like the layout of the place and its choice of colors on the walls which soothe yet inspire. It’s kept very clean and tidy and has a very nice community. I’ve been a member over 1 1/2 years now.

Q:What was your main goal? 

A: My goal was to lose 40-lbs and create a healthy-fit lifestyle (pun intended). I’ve lost a total of  47-lbs in just over a year and have maintained it for six months. So far, so good!

Q:What helped you achieve those goals?

A: I met with a trainer in the beginning who after consulting with me and learned I was overcoming some injuries from an accident. She advised me to alternate my workouts daily doing 40 minutes of moderate cardio one day, and the next day 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of circuit weights.  I am very in tune with my body and what works — having belonged to gyms for last 20 years on and off — along with tracking with Weight Watchers, it helped me create a new healthy lifestyle that I am inspired to continue.

Q:What  kept you motivated? 

A: Well it helps to have compliments from colleagues and clients and family, but the best part was transforming my body type to a leaner and more toned physique. Plus it’s so much more fun to get dressed in the morning!

Q:What’s your favorite part about working out? 

A: I’m actually exhilarated to do it every morning, 5-6 times a week, and I feel great after having accomplished that for myself every morning. It helps me to choose differently — what I eat and drink throughout the day —since it all balances.

Q: What challenges did you face? 

A: Early on I would get frustrated that the pounds weren’t coming off fast enough, as when I was younger I could lose 5 pounds a week, however that’s just not practical or healthy as the metabolism changes as we get older. So I learned to be patient and to observe week-to-week what worked and what didn’t.  Typically I’d lose between .5 and 2.5 lbs per week. I realized that a woman’s body mass fluctuates depending on the time of the month, so it’s important to observe and calculate those days where there may be an increase in weight and not to get discouraged because it goes back down.

Q: Any goals you’re still working on? 

A: I wish to continue to maintain my fitness lifestyle and keep defining the tone of my physique.  This past summer I actually donned a bikini happily!

Q:Any advice to ladies who are starting at the beginning? 

A: Keep with it, hold on, do what works for you, and try different things until you find what you like and what works in terms of fitness.  Be patient with yourself as it is a lifestyle change, not just a diet, so slow and steady wins the race!  Also proper eating habits is so very important. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers now having achieved my goal concurrently to working out at Healthy Fit and the combination of the two really works!

*Results may vary by member.

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