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Losing weight can sometimes feel like a battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a few simple and easy tips from Healthy Fit to follow when you begin your journey toward a healthier you.

Knowledge is Power
There are a lot of innocent looking meals and snacks out there with some serious diet-crushing ingredients. For instance,  did you know that just one cup of Honey Nut Cheerios contains more sugar than 3 Chips Ahoy! cookies? Not only is it important to check out the nutrition labels of everything you buy, check out the portion sizes too! A lot of times serving sizes are a lot smaller than you may think. Another example, you know those tall green Arizona Green Tea cans? That’s actually 3 servings, not 1!

Pick Up Some Weights
We all know we love shake our butt off in Zumba or sweat it off in Spin class, but don’t forget how important strength training is to losing weight. If there’s one rumor we’d love to squash, it’s that strength training makes you “bulky.” In reality, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. The bodybuilding women you see on television and magazine covers are eating a lot more calories and spending hours a day and years and years at the gym to achieve those results. Plus, adding muscle makes you faster, and when done correctly helps you prevent injuries. Want to learn more about strength training? Talk to one of our personal trainers.

Eat Your Veggies (and Fruit)
As you probably know, when it comes to weight loss cutting back on calories is usually key, but doesn’t have to mean you’ll go hungry! The water and fiber in fruits and vegetables will will help you feel full, and they’re naturally lower in calories so you can use more to bulk up your meal.   Plus, they arel full of all kinds of good vitamins and can even reduce risks fro certain types of cancer and disease.

Bust Out Those Pots and Pans
Many of you probably know the dangers of fast food. However, fine dining can be just as dangerous, where portion sizes are enough to feed more than one, and who knows how much butter they just poured all over your broccoli. Cooking allows you to keep of exactly what and how much, you are consuming.

Set Goals
Keep your eyes on the prize as they say. Setting concrete goals will you give you a clear idea of what you working toward, will help drive you forward, and will help hold you accountable. Once you have a big goal in mind, start thinking about smaller steps you’ll take along the way and develop a plan.

Keep it Fun
Remember when running around as a kid was the most fun you could have? Well working out can be just great! Try mixing it up with a couple of different classes a week to keep it interesting. Check out our class schedule here, we have something for everyone! Plus, different classes, workouts and strength routines will help you work different muscles each day! Or perhaps get one of your friends to sign up. What’s more fun than hanging out with your best friend, and getting a workout in too?

For more information about setting weight loss goals, and reaching those those goals (!) check out our Weight Loss Program here at Healthy Fit for Women! Sign up for your FREE Weight Loss Consultation here.

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