It’s HOT. Stay Hydrated!

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It’s hot and muggy! Just a few reminders:

-Eat your water. Chowing down on water-filled foods like watermelon, is an easy and refreshing way to keep hydrated.
-Swap soda for sparkling water. If you’re trying to kick a soda habit, sparkling water is a healthy, but still fizzy, alternative.
-Hydrate before exercising. Be sure to drink water before exercising to maximize your workout.
-Drink water on the plane. If you’re traveling this Summer, don’t forget to drink up the H2O on the plane.
-Stay hydrated at work. Even when working indoors, it’s important to keep the fluids handy.
-Drink water before meals. By drinking water before meals, not only will you stay hydrated but you’re less likely to overeat.
-Keep a reusable bottle with you. Having a water bottle with you at all times is the easiest way to stay hydrated without even thinking about it.

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