Member Agreement Update

Our team is working hard to provide the cleanest and safest environment for your workouts and we'll need your support and participation  to make this successful. In turn, we ask that you agree to the following before entering the club. We can't wait to see you (indoors) again! As of 5/19/21: In accordance with NYS lifting the mask mandate, vaccinated HF members will have the option to no longer wear a mask while in the club. Following our local health and safety guidelines, we will continue to social distance and maintain the highest level of cleanliness at HealthyFit.


Upon entering the club, please make sure to bring one of the following- actual vax card, picture of card, or excelsior pass so we can verify your status. You will only need to do this once so we can record it officially in our system.

  • I will not visit the club if I’ve had a body temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher during the previous 14 days or have suffered any symptoms of the coronavirus, flu, or common cold.

  • I will use HF's sanitize station upon arrival and scan in at the front desk.

  • I agree that my mask will be worn at all times while using the club if I am not vaccinated.

  • I understand that club capacity may be limited and my admittance is not guaranteed or I may be asked to wait to gain access for my workout.

  • I understand that I may have to wait for a machine and my regular workout may need to be altered due to changes in equipment availability and social distancing requirements.

  • I will occupy only one piece of equipment at a time.

  • I will show up for all reserved classes. No shows or cancellations within 1 hour of class time will be charged a $10 fee.

  • I will make my best effort to maintain at least 3-6 feet of distance between myself and all other people. I will not make physical contact with any other person (other than incidental contact) while in the club.

  • I will make my best effort to avoid touching my face, eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.

  • I will wipe down all fitness equipment, before and after each use with a sanitary wipe and/or a towel and sanitizing spray. I will also use the provided hand sanitizer.

  • I will not touch or attempt to use any fitness equipment, showers, saunas or other items that have been designated as Unavailable For Use.

  • I will comply with the directional signage and all posted signage in the club.

  • I agree to take direction from HF management if staff feels proper social distance is not being maintained or if directives above are not being practiced.

  • I agree that I am entering the club at my own risk during the coronavirus pandemic and agree to hold harmless HealthyFit, it’s employees, members, clients, customers, guests, vendors, and anyone else with whom I may come into contact while in the facility.

  • I understand that non-adherence to any of the above may result in termination of my membership.

  • UPDATED CLUB HOURS: Monday-Friday 5AM-9PM | Weekend 7:30AM-6PM