Why Small Group Fitness Training May Be for You

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You meet your friends for dinner, you meet your friends for brunch, you meet your friends for happy hour… do you see a trend here? Now, let’s turn those meet-ups into something good for you, with Small Group Training here at Healthy Fit for Women!

Before you start saying, “But I want to have fun with my friends,” hear us out.  Small group training has SO MANY benefits, including just what you’re looking for — fun.

We know that coming to the gym may not be at the top of your list of “Things I Can’t Wait to Do,” but with small group training, it just might move up the ladder. Here’s why:

It Provides Motivation and Accountability

You’re counting on your friends, and your friends are counting on you. We call this: positive peer-pressure.  How often do you skip Friday night dinner with your ladies, because you “don’t feel like it?” We’re guessing, not very often. With small group training, not only do you get to socialize, and catch-up, you get in a workout too!

You Have Your Own Personal Cheer Squad

How many times have you had one of those days where you just didn’t feel like you ran fast enough,  lifted enough, did enough? With small group training, you have a group of ladies around you cheering you on, providing you with support, letting you know that even if wasn’t your best day, you still did awesome. Plus, when you do have a great day, they are there to share in your accomplishments!

 You Get Results for Less Money

Here’s the biggest benefit — it works.  When you’re part of a small training group, you get the attention of a personal trainer, who can track your goals, modify your workouts, and keep you focused. Plus, having a group of women around you working hard, makes you want to work harder too! All of this for a more affordable price than single-person personal training.

Interested in Small Group Training at Healthy Fit for Women? Check out our Schedule and Information Here.

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