When is the Best Time to Work Out?

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spring sunsetOne of the questions we hear a lot at Healthy Fit  is “When is the best time to work out?”

Well, to tell you the truth, it depends.

For example, in a recent study Belgian scientists took three groups of healthy men and fed them a diet high in sugar, fat, and calories. One group didn’t work out at all. Another group worked out after breakfast, and the other group did the same work out before breakfast.

The scientists found that the group that didn’t work out, of course, gained weight. The group that worked out after breakfast also gained some weight, just not as much as the first group and  they decreased their sensitivity to insulin (a factor that could lead to diabetes.) However, the group that worked out before breakfast didn’t gain weight and their sensitivity to insulin remained high.

So for some of you whose primary goals are to lose weight, working out before breakfast may be something to try. However, keep in mind, for some working out on an empty stomach can make you feel weak, and if that’s the case, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s also not recommended if you’re trying to build strength or increase performance.

Midday workouts are also beneficial according to a recent Huffington Post article. The article cited several studies that found  that these lunchtime workouts may increase productivity and creativity at work because it increases energy and cognitive function.  Plus, another bonus, your body’s temperature usually increases a few degrees, which warms your muscles, which means you may also increase your performance.

In the end though, it probably boils down to when you feel you have the most energy and time to get a proper work out in. Check out our class schedule for morning, midday and evening classes!

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