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Name: Amanda Lagace

Hometown: New Fairfield, CT

How long have you been with HF? I started at HealthyFit in September of 2017.

Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your fitness background? I graduated college with a degree in Forensic Chemistry but ended up finding fitness as my career. I was fairly active in high school but I started getting back into working out in my senior year of college. I ended up falling in love with running, which was probably the first thing that got me working out several times a week. When I joined KMNY (Krav Maga NY – a martial arts school), that was the real turning point in my fitness career, and I was incorporating more strength training and high intensity intervals into my workouts. After teaching classes there, I started to realize that personal training would be the path that suited me the best.

How did you get started with fitness training/teaching? In 2014 I started taking Krav Maga after trying a women’s self-defense seminar and I was absolutely hooked. Before then I had only been seriously involved in running, but as a result of taking both self-defense  and fitness classes, I started to become more well-rounded with strength and interval training. During this time I was working at an outdoor education facility, so I became pretty comfortable with teaching. My love for Krav Maga blossomed into a new teaching gig and shortly there after, I went after my certification for personal training. The combination was perfect for me.

What do you think are the most beneficial things about personal training, and how can people benefit from HF’s personal training program? I love that personal training is so versatile and can help absolutely anyone for a variety of reasons. I’m a firm believer that if you’re held accountable by an appointment that you’ll be more motivated to get that workout in. Depending on your lifestyle, a trainer can customize different workouts and help you map out your week- let’s say you sit at a desk all day… I try to strategize with my clients to help them incorporate movement in their workplace. Or  if you’re already in a good routine, having a trainer will 100% push you to the next level. Whether it’s long term or a quick fix, personal training can be a game changer.

Tell us about your training style? It depends on the client’s goals. I like total body strength training during my sessions as well as interval training to throw in a little cardio and pick up the intensity. With some of my clients, I use cardio-intensive boxing drills with focus mitts. It’s a different kind of total body workout (it’s a lot of fun) and it can be a great stress reliever!

What are some of your gym must-haves? (can be gear, clothing, snacks, etc.) My boxing gloves, an extra change of clothes, and a post-workout snack (usually trail mix).

What’s your favorite healthy meal or snack (to cook at home or to eat on the go)? I really like making oven-roasted veggies for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Just cook them in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper or paprika and you’re set.


How do you suggest people fit working out into their busy schedules? Try to make exercise an appointment with yourself… you deserve that “me” time.  Planning and mapping it out is key! Even if it’s just half an hour, it’ll make a difference. The longer you keep that schedule up, the more normal it becomes. You may even start to look forward to those days! The other thing that helps… finding a weekly class that you actually enjoy and make sure you can get to it as often as possible.


What suggestions do you have for people who are new to fitness/working out? It’s always the most challenging at the beginning but don’t let it stop you from trying!! The more you exercise, the stronger you’ll get; your muscles and cardiovascular systems will be able to work harder and longer. The obstacles that once seemed impossible,  will now be a walk in the park. Strive for progress, not perfection. Everyone has to start somewhere.

What are your favorite things about HF? Why do you love working here? I love working at HealthyFit because of how supportive everyone is. If I need advice or have any questions, there’s never hesitation from the staff to help or talk things through. It’s fun to be a part of a team that shares new workout plans and swap ideas. I feel like my training is getting better every week.  HF has a vibe like no other gym I’ve been… it’s a place where women can work out and feel confident no matter what fitness level they’re at.

Anything else you’d like to add? While I’m only here a few days a week, I’d LOVE to meet more members and do some one vs. one boxing! Talk to a Membership Advisor and put yourself in my schedule!


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