The doctor is in!

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How long and how often should I workout?  Should I stretch before working out? How much should I eat before and after a workout? Ever wonder if you are getting the most out of your workout? Well, the doctor is in and answering all of your fitness and weight loss questions! Join Healthy Fit, June 7th at 7PM for our June Workshop, “The Doctor Vasami Show”! (Disclaimer: Greg Vasami is not a REAL doctor.) Our parody of the “Dr. Oz Show” will include your chance to ask all of those questions you have been wondering about. “Dr. Vasami” will provide the best advice to get in shape and stay in shape for the Summer and on. The workshop will include guest starring appearences from Pampered Chef and an ICE Jewelry showing, all the latest fashions UNDER $30! This is a FREE event, all members and guests are welcome!

Cristina “Crissy” Andreoli
Social Media Representative,  Mamaroneck

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