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Community is everything at HF — all the more reason to bring one of your pals along the next time you come to workout. More than just having a familiar face at the club, there are definitely perks to the #buddysystem. Find out more below!

Accountability. If you’re trying to achieve a goal, whether it’s being part of that early morning crew or maintaining a consistent schedule of spinning twice a week, knowing that a pal is going to be there waiting for you makes you that much more likely to show up. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave your bud hanging, right?

Scientifically proven results. Many studies have shown that exercisers who found a new gym buddy were more likely to stick with their exercise habit, but having an emotionally supportive companion sweating alongside them strengthened the effect, making the participant even more likely to keep those legs moving. Just sayin’

Motivation. Think of it as the power of the pack. When you look to the side and see your bestie running along side you, it gives you that much more juice to stay on rhythm and keep climbing up that hill.

It can help you sync your schedules for once. Think of that friend who you’ve been meaning to catch up with, but whose hours never seem to match up with yours, or the one who’s booked solid every weekend. By turning them into your fitness friend and meeting up for class, you’ve got a sweat sesh and a social outing all in one. Problem solved.

It’s fun! You won’t be chatting it up during class, but that’s what the weekend post-workout brunch is for. Think about it: you and your bud have already worked out and gotten to the same place at the same time. Bonus: you’re both wearing stretch pants already, the preferred uniform of off-the-clock winners everywhere. Why not use your post-sweat time as a social hour too?

Need a guest pass?! Grab one for your friend today! 

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