Staying on Track after one too many Holiday Parties…

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After numerous holiday parties, drinks with friends, and candy at the office, thousands of people will make a New Year’s resolution to start fresh on January 1st.  Instead of playing catch up… just start now! 

Feeling like you completely sabotaged your goals during the holiday season? Here are 10 ways to bounce back after a binge and get back on track in no time!


1. Review your  goals and recommit yourself right now!

2. Schedule one of your Complimentary Sessions with a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach, or Pilates Instructor

3. h2O ladies!

4. Load up on your veggies

5. Watch a motivational clip on YouTube or read a fitness magazine for inspiration…. our Facebook page helps too!

6. Don’t skip meals to make up for overeating… really DO NOT DO THIS!

7. Don’t weigh yourself and get instantly discouraged if your weight is up. Understand that your body retains water and in a few days your weight will go back to normal

8. Get your heart rate up and stay on top of your workouts

9. Don’t let a bad week turn into a bad month

10. Repeat tomorrow and plan ahead…. #PLAN #PREP

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