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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and lifetime fitness goals aren’t either. Sometimes on our path to good health, goal weight, or fitness achievements,  we become frustrated when we don’t see immediate results from all of our hard work. But we here at Healthy Fit, promise you, that if you stay motivated, good things will happen. Here are some tips to help keep you on the road to success.

Getting to the gym is half the battle. We know that sometimes it’s raining out, you didn’t sleep well last night, or there’s something you’d like to watch on TV. Don’t think of the gym as a chore, think of it as something you are doing for yourself. You work, you clean up after your kids, you volunteer, these are all things you do for other people. But gym time is YOUR time, so make a point to schedule it in. Once it’s part of your weekly routine, it will become second nature to you to just get up and go. Kind of like brushing your teeth.

Reward Yourself for Smaller Steps
Even if you don’t see the results your looking for immediately, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reward yourself for all the good you’re doing. Set smaller goals, like “I’ll get to the gym 3 times every week for a month.” Then buy yourself a new pair of running shoes at the end of the month! Rewarding yourself for these smaller steps toward your ultimate goal will help keep you focused.

Stay Positive
You know that little voice inside your head? Sometimes she can be a real Negative Nancy. Instead of letting those negative words and thoughts come into your head about you haven’t gone down a dress size, or how you haven’t run a mile yet, think of all successes you have had. Your energy has increased! You made it a quarter mile this week! You tried a new class! You’re a strong woman!

Tell Your Friends about Your Goals
In most cases, when you tell friends and family about your goals, they’ll want to help you achieve them. Staying positive is much easier when you’re surrounded by positive people. And even better, some of them may want to join in and get healthier too!

Keep a Journal
Grab that pen and paper (or that keyboard) and write down your thoughts and progress on a weekly or daily basis. That way, when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you can look back to just a couple of months ago and see how far you’ve really come along!

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