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There has been a buzz floating around Healthy Fit Mamaroneck and the excitement has finally been revealed! Our BRAND NEW spin studio is completed and cycling classes are more exhilarating than ever. Aside from our routine Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday classes, we now offer Small Group Training (SGT) cycling classes, which have been complimentary for the month of January. (Check the schedule here!) The new studio and scheduled classes have given all members, both familiar and new to spin, a chance to experience an exciting and energizing atmosphere along with our marvelous new bikes!

Tullia Tripicchio has been a member of Healthy Fit for 2 years and has always been curious, but too intimidated to take a spin class. The new studio and interest grew hand in hand for Tullia, feeling motivated by the hype, she decided to sign up for a weekday evening class. Perfect for hesitant members, Small Group Cycling classes form with 8 members and a trainer. “My first experience on the bike was easy because the trainer took the time to help everyone individually, so our bikes were fit for us and we were all comfortable,” described Tullia.

“The energy was great before and during the class, the trainer kept us going and was very positive. I loved how the music matched the work out, I sang to every song!” Tullia explained. With the smaller number of members in each SGT spin class, members are able to receive even more individual support from trainers and it’s never been easier to soak in the energizing play lists pumping through the speakers! As soon as one walks through the door, the on going encouragement is present. Cycling is for all members, at any level of fitness. “I felt like I wanted to complete the class for myself! I slowed down a lot, but I never stopped and that made me happy,” shares Tullia.

Cycling is a great work out to start or end your day with. Our trainers will keep you fired up and feeling proud throughout the class and when you walk out the door. “Exciting, fun and intense (in the good way!)” Tullia defines the class. There is still time to enjoy a FREE SGT Cycling class this January. Call our club today to reserve your spot!

Cristina “Crissy” Andreoli
Social Media Representative, Mamaroneck

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