62 years young & down 45lbs!

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I joined Healthy Fit 2 ½ years ago, 222 lbs and very unhappy with myself. Getting there for the first time was probably one of the most difficult parts of my journey as I was sure I would be the largest person there. To my surprise, I felt comfortable and supported from the moment I began.

When I joined, I was set up with a dynamic duo: Kathy & Donna, who have guided me through my time at Healthy Fit. First, I met with Kathy, the weight loss coach who offered me healthy and tasty alternatives to my fat and carb laden diet. I also signed up for personal training sessions once a week with Donna. Kathy and Donna worked as a team to help me change my lifestyle. I was fueling my body with nutritious and balanced foods accompanied with an awesome exercise regimen.

I started going twice a week to the gym which eventually blossomed to 4 visits a week. I started seeing positive changes in my skin and muscle tone within a couple of weeks. I met so many wonderful and inspiring women, both members as well as HF employees who made it a fun as well as a rewarding experience. I quickly became addicted to the spinning classes which make 45 minutes of cardio exhilarating and fun…it is my release!

By the way, I’m 62 years young and in my 2 ½ years as a member, I’ve lost 45 lbs and 30 inches – and 3 of those inches came off my waist making for a much healthier heart!* Besides looking younger and feeling much better about myself, HF has paved the way for some cherished friendships as well as an outlet to vent life’s daily stress. Importantly, during the times when the weight went on but did not come off, when I hurt and asked myself “is it worth it?” Kathy and Donna were there for me. Even when I went AWOL from the gym for a week or two, the HF team reached out and helped me find the strength to return and start over. I could not have made my self-transformation without the expertise of Donna and Kathy and all the spinning instructors.

I am very grateful to the HF team who all care so much and share the joy of my achievements. And to top it off, my Husband is happy that he can again fit his arms around me again when he gives me a hug.


*Results may vary by member

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