Questions about the 2018 HF Challenge?

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First Day of Challenge: The Challenge begins Sunday April 22

Healthy Living Program: Participants will have access to our Healthy Living program during the Challenge. You can do an initial consultation with Kathy, weigh in and take starting measurements.  Whether you decide to use the service to stay accountable, need meal plan suggestions, or want to follow the actual program, Kathy is a resource for you over the next 9 weeks.  This is not a required part of the Challenge. There will be kickass prizes and added incentive for those who decide to take part in this add on.

30 minute personal training: Challenge participants will also have one free 30-minute training session bonused into their accounts. You can use it right away, or you can use it to work on a specific area you’re struggling with during the course of the Challenge, or you can save it to use later. 

Can I do the Challenge but not run the Race? Yes, but remember, we chose this race specifically because it is more approachable than some of the other obstacle races out there. You can skip any obstacle if you need to (without having to drop and give ’em 15 burpees) and you will have the full support of your team!

Can I run the Race but not do the Challenge? Yes! The more HeathyFitters on Race day the better, but we suspect once you see the camaraderie and fun the Challengers are having getting stronger as a team, you’re going to want in on the good vibes!

Can I bring my significant other to the Race? Yes! Bring your SO, friends and family to cheer you on, or to run the race!

Can non-members do the Challenge? Yes!

What kind of workouts can I expect during the Challenge? Your coach will design workouts specifically tailored toward getting you ready for the Warrior Dash. That means you will be doing a combination of strength training, functional bodyweight movement and endurance intervals. Every coach is equipped to help you modify movements as needed, but expect to push your boundaries! If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

Can I really get that much stronger with one workout a week? We’re glad you asked! In addition to your weekly team training session, your coach will be giving you workouts to do 2-3 more times during the week. This will contribute to the consistency of your workouts over the 2 months. In Challenges past, we’ve seen teammates take it to the next level… meeting up for classes and using the good old buddy system for an extra push. We have no doubt that with the support of your team and your coach that you will get stronger.

What kind of benefits will I see in my body from this kind of workout? The consistency of workouts that you’ll experience over the course of the Challenge will strengthen and tone your body, and if you clean up your food intake, you can expect to shed some pounds as well! Weight loss is 80% diet related and 20% exercise related – diet and exercise together is the one-two punch that can really transform your body! The type of workouts you’ll be doing over the course of the Challenge will result in a tighter, leaner YOU- just in time for summer! 

Transportation to the race: Transportation will not be provided by HF but teams should discuss carpooling arrangements in advance. Meeting at HealthyFit and driving together has worked well for past events.


Race Day: Saturday June 23

Race time: 11:30am

Cost of the Race: $65

Which time slot do I sign up for? Sign up for the standard wave at 11:30am. 

Sign up steps for members:


  1. Go to link.

  2. Go to “Register Now”

  3. Go to “Buy Tickets”

  4. Go to “Standard Wave”

  5. Go to “11:30am”

  6. Hit “+” to add it to your cart

  7. Go to “Check out”

  8. Fill out requested information

  9. Go to “Continue to Add-ons” (no need to add anything on)

  10. Go to “Continue to Charity” (donate or skip – up to you)

  11. Go to “Continue to Payment”

  12. Fill out payment information requested

  13. Go to “Continue to Review”

  14. “Submit order”


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