New Small Group: Kick & H.I.I.T with Tanya!

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WHAT: Punch and kick your way through a fast-paced, high energy total body cardio workout! Get out your aggression and build a beautiful, strong body using strike pads and bodyweight exercises. All this will be combined with one of the latest and most effective trends in fitness – H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training. This format will burn calories and blast fat in record time!

WHERE: Small Group Studio @ Healthy Fit

WHEN: Fri January 24th @11 AM & Fri January 31st @11 AM

Tanya will be holding FREE demo groups! Maximum of 8 participants, call NOW to reserve your spot! Starting February 7th @ 11 AM, Kick & H.I.I.T will be added to our small group schedule. Small Group programs range from $17-$25/session. Talk to a Program Advisor TODAY for more information about Small Group!


Comments or Questions? Call (914) 670-0600 or fill out the form below:

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