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LisaMeet Lisa, HF Pilates Instructor! Book your complimentary session with Lisa today!

Name: Lisa Kugler

Hometown: Novato, California

Certifications: Certified Pilates Instructor of Reformer, Cadillac, Ped-o-Pull, Chair and Ladder Barrel, Mat/Props (foam roller, magic circle, resistance bands, balance balls).

Focus: Core strength, proper joint alignment, sequential muscular engagement, breath and body awareness to increase overall strength, and balance the body.

Philosophy: Every BODY needs Pilates! Pilates works the postural muscles closest to the bones to lengthen and strengthen your body on a deeper level. Breath awareness and proper muscular engagement are key. Once those two pieces are in place, strength comes from within and only increases over time. With practice, persistence and patience, anything is possible. Consistency is key.

Fun Fact: I’ve lived on all four corners of the Unites States. I discovered Pilates on an infomercial while nursing my oldest in the middle of the night

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