Latest Obsession: WATERMELON

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Watermelons have three-and-a-half times the electrolytes of your favorite sports drink, are low in calories, and have l-citrulline to help your muscles recover fast. They’re also an anti-inflammatory and have lycopene to fight free radicals…. and did we mention that they’re a tasty and satisfying treat!! #obsessed #watermelon

1. Add it to your salad. Mix cubed watermelon with diced cucumber, feta cheese, red onions, and balsamic vinegar for a simple, mouth-watering dish that will make you MVP at your friend’s potluck BBQ.
2. Toss it in your water. Help the fruit stay true to its name by throwing some cubes into your water bottle or pitcher. It’ll add instant nutrients and refreshing sweetness to every sip, whether you’re hydrating on a beach blanket or after a tough outdoor boot camp class.
3. Freeze it on stick. Sticking watermelon in the freezer ups its ability to help you cool down and can even turn it into dessert. Make it into ice cubes for drinks, for example, or poke some sticks in a few slices for the easiest popsicles ever.

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