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“Shortly after my daughter turned one, I had realized I was in a major slump. I truly hadn’t take care of myself since she was born. I hadn’t lost the baby weight and I had even gained an additional ten pounds in my first year of motherhood. When I finally went back to HealthyFit for maybe the third time in two years, I saw the sign for the challenge  and I hoped that this would get me out of my slump!

Since the challenge has started I have lost 24 POUNDS! I rediscovered my love of the gym and go 4-5 times a week. I physically feel so much better but mentally it has been so good for me to focus on myself. I couldn’t have done this without my team and our coach Patti! I was pushed to new limits and was inspired every day by these fabulous women. My team had so many success stories and tons of motivation. Now I feel like there are a lot more people to hold me accountable.

This Healthy Fit Challenge made such a huge impact on me and I will use all the tools I learned and continue to reach my goals!” – Kelly Chase Gomez


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