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Encourage: to inspire with courage, spirit and/or confidence. Encouragement, this is what you will find every Tuesday at noon and Thursday at 7:00PM at Kathy’s Connections Weight Loss Meetings at our Mamaroneck Club. Meetings will meet in the studio in a small intimate setting where stories and tips are shared. It’s a new year and it’s a new you

You may feel like your battle with weight loss is stuck at a stand still, but you are not alone and we guarantee that just one meeting will revitalize your progress! Meetings produce an open judge-free space, with a sense of support while clearing your guilt for those few moments of cheating on your diet. Figuring out the issue, Kathy and members work together to come up with a better solution. Going over topics that apply to you: how to avoid hunger pains, better snacking ideas, eliminating eating as a past time, how your emotions play a part in your diet, how to keep healthy eating habits and how to beat those holiday and occasion calories

Kathy is a former award winning Weight Watchers Leader and has over 20 years of experience in the weight loss industry. While helping thousands of people lose thousands of pounds and maintain their desired weight. Kathy herself lost 56 pounds and has kept it off for over 20 years. She believes very strongly in combining exercise and nutrition to main a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she feels it is very important to have a strong support system when going through the weight loss process.

All are welcome! You do not need to be a member of Healthy Fit or our award winning Weight Loss Program to attend these meetings. Members, friends and guests are all encouraged to attend. The meetings are complimentary and here for you at anytime you feel you need encouragement!

Cristina “Crissy” Andreoli
Social Media Representative, Mamaroneck

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