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In one month,  HF Member Donna (also an ex professional tennis player) went from wanting to abandon fitness all together to daily workouts at the club. Despite being in chronic pain, Donna made one last attempt to find a way to keep fitness in her life. Check out her testimonial below… 

“Since the onset of my arthritis, I have not been able to consistently work out for 16 years. It seemed that every time I tried to get into a routine the pain would cause me to stop. I was ready to quit, but HealthyFit would not give up on me. With the help of Jamar and the rest of the staff, I was able to get back on my feet again. His patience, compassion and attention to detail were a winning combination. 85% of my pain has disappeared in only two short weeks and now I can take a full stride without pain!

I have been able to continue working out for two months straight. Jamar is truly a miracle worker. I am forever grateful for the support HealthyFit has showed me.”



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