HF Challenge Update: TEAM ROSA 8PM

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The Honeybees…”So sweet we can’t be beat”

Carol Ventura- lost 7.8 lbs & has increased her number of sit-ups since last week’s initial assessment.* She has made a commitment to herself to get ‪#‎stronger‬. Since starting at HF in (a year ago this August), she has gained more range of motion and her overall health has improved… in the last couple of months she has upped her routine and even her Doctor has noticed the significant improvement. She has even tried streamline sculpt with teammate Carol D. last week!

Sharon- Was featured in a post last night… she’s the badass who ran 10 miles! She was in Spin class this morning at 5:45am! Sharon is in full‪ #‎beastmode‬!

Carol D.- True team spirit leader. Came in with antennas last night to the workout… enough said! She has been a great motivator and leader for the members of the team.

Jenna Evangelista & Kristin Logiudice- both are back from having a baby and are ‪#‎pushing‬ through the workouts! They are determined to reach their goals in the 8 Week Program and are using The Challenge as a vehicle to better their lifestyles as mothers! (Talk about inspiration).

Michelle- Was petrified to walk through the Spin room door and has been able to break through her shell with the support of the team. GO MICHELLE!!!

Meghan- despite missing the first week, she made up her session and was still able to complete her homework in time for our second session! She’s preparing for a half-marathon in Disney with Kristin Logiudice.

Robin W & Debbie Raskin- Both new to The Challenge but you’d never know it! They are eager to learn about the different workouts and came on board ready to push their limits!

Rosa mentioned that these ladies showed up in Yellow attire too and told us “…this group has a huge range in athletic abilities, but I have to say I love working with them and watching them push each other!”

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