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What is this year’s Challenge all about?Challenge 2016 Teaser.
This year’s Challenge is all about harnessing the power of heart rate training. You’ll be using a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate zone throughout your workouts, so that you’ll know exactly how much effort you’re putting in. Taking the guesswork out will make your workouts more efficient and increase your AFTERBURN effect.
When you exercise at a high enough intensity, your body’s metabolic rate (metabolism) stays elevated for 16-36 hours after you stop exercising. This is the AFTERBURN effect, or what is scientifically known as EPOC, which is short for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.” Have you ever thought you’ve been cursed with a slow metabolism? Exercising to elicit AFTERBURN is the best way to fight it!
Do I have to go buy a heart rate monitor?
No! The MYZONE heart rate monitor belt is included in the Challenge package, and it’s yours to keep!
I already have a heart rate monitor – can I just use that?
Unfortunately, other heart rate monitors will not work with the MYZONE system.
What is MYZONE?
MYZONE is a heart rate tracking system that not only allows you and your coach to see your heart rate zone throughout your workout, but it also gives you MYZONE EFFORT POINTS (or “MEPS”) for every minute you’re in certain zones. You will see your zone on the TV screen in the Training Room as you work out!
What are these heart rate zones you’re talking about?
When you receive your heart rate monitor belt, you will create an online account linked to your belt. As part of your profile, MYZONE will calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (“Max HR”). The zones are a percentage of your Max HR. We don’t want to work at our Max HR – that’s not safe. But we DO want to work at, say, 70 – 80% of our Max HR and for short intervals even 90% of our Max HR. These are the zones where the AFTERBURN effect takes place. Without a heart rate monitor, we have no reliable way of knowing what zone we’re in. This Challenge is all about putting technology to work for us!
What are MEPS?
 MEPS are MYZONE Effort Points, and they are your key to victory! As long as you wear your belt, MYZONE will automatically tally your points throughout the Challenge. When you are in your team session, you will see your “tile” on the TV screen throughout the workout. The color of your tile represents the zone you’re working in according to your effort.
 2 MEP/min    3 MEP/min       4 MEP/min
You receive 2 MEPs for every minute you’re in the blue zone at 60-69% of your Max HR; 3 MEPs for every minute you’re in the green zone at 70-79% of your Max HR; and 4 MEPs for every minute you’re in the yellow and red zones at 80% of your Max HR and above. You get credit for every minute that you exercise! EVERY MINUTE!
Is there a MYZONE app I can use?
Yes, you will be able to download the app and use your phone to track your HR zone and MEP progress.
How do I win the Challenge?
The participant with the highest accumulated MEPs wins the Challenge.
What is the prize for winning?
Prizes in the past have included free membership, personal training packages, cash prizes… we can’t say, but it’s gonna be good!
What else comes included in the Challenge?
In addition to the MYZONE heart rate monitor belt, you will have a 60-minute workout with your team led by your coach, as well as guidance from your coach for what other workouts to tackle during the week. Your team will work together to choose a team name, and of course you’ll get a HealthyFit Challenge 2016 t-shirt to wear with pride! The technology used in this year’s Challenge promises concrete results and an opportunity to work not necessarily harder but SMARTER than ever before! That, together with the support and enthusiasm of your team, will boost the fun and energy of your workouts and  breathe new life into your fitness routine!
Do I only wear the belt with my team workout?
No! You should wear your belt every time you exercise in order to make all of your workouts count toward your total MEPs during the Challenge and toward your chances of winning!
When do I get my belt?
The week of September 19, we will have designated pick-up days when you can come in and get your belt, and we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up your MYZONE account.
What will the group workouts look like?
 Your coach will lead your team through a 60-minute group workout that will vary from week to week. It could be anything from strength and cardio combos, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or steady state cardio. Your coach will design the workouts to be effective, efficient and fun, and will also give you suggestions for additional workouts to do doing the week. The rest is up to you!
Is there a Challenge Olympics this year?
 This year we will hold a “Final” event at the end of the Challenge on Saturday, December 10 which will include fun games, competition and an opportunity for the teams to show their spirit!
When does the Challenge begin?
The Challenge begins the week of September 26 and runs for 10 weeks. If your team misses a session, the 11th week will be used as a make-up week.

All of our Challenges include pop up events and mini prize competitions along the way. At least one given will be Social Media… be sure to tag us @HealthyFitNY on Insta, Snap, and Facebook.

Don’t  forget to use our hashtags #HFChallenge #ShowUSYourHF 



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