Becoming 80 Years Old

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Today’s post comes from Healthy Fit for Women member Louise Cristina. You rock Louise! You’re an inspiration to us all!

When I became 79 years old, I dreaded the thought of becoming 80, for when I was younger, I believed that this is when you become an old lady. I decided I better do something about this before I fell apart. Coincidentally, that week I received a coupon in the mail offering me ten free exercise sessions for only $19.00 at the new women’s gym called Healthy Fit. I thought this would surely get me moving and maybe feeling a little younger.

The first class I took at Healthy Fit was called “Zumba” which was really an advanced class, but I didn’t know it. What a workout I got!! Since this was my first exercise class I tried desperately to keep up with the young girls who were in their twenties and thirties, for they made it look so easy. As soon as I got home I collapsed on my bed—every bone in my body was aching and crying!

Since I was still alive two days later, I decided to take another class called “Tush, Tummy &?” I thought, why not lose some of my excess “tush” while I was at it? I don’t know if I lost any “tush,” but my exercise pants were much looser and I was very happy about this. After a few more exercise classes, I felt I had more energy and was moving my tired bones with less effort, so I decided to join Healthy Fit.

For the last 40 years, tennis has been my favorite sport, but I found I was running out of energy at 79 years old and couldn’t run as fast, or serve anymore like I used to. Tired of hearing about my lousy tennis, my daughter (who is a very good tennis player) found me a patient tennis instructor who claimed he could make me a good player again if I followed his instructions and practiced faithfully. After doing all the exercises and practicing faithfully, I was surprised that after only four tennis lessons I could play a decent game of tennis again and serve like a pro—not like Serena Williams yet, but practice makes perfect!

I couldn’t be happier, because now I can play mixed doubles again when I go to Florida in the winter. It seems that in Florida no one acts like a “senior citizen,” for they play tennis at every age – even at 95 or 99. One of my friends who was 100 years young finally had to quit because her eyesight was failing. I intend to play tennis until I can’t walk anymore. I really love the game and hate to give it up. I sincerely believe that playing tennis keeps you young, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels they are getting old too fast.

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