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To help all of our members keep up with our news and events here at Healthy Fit for Women, we have now joined Google+!

You can check it out here: Healthy Fit for Women on Google+

For those of you unfamiliar with Google+, it is Google’s social networking platform. Many people refer to it as the anti-Facebook or the Facebook alternative. It’s a way of sharing information, photos, links, and more with friends, family, and colleagues. Many are also using it to connect with people with similar interests to them, such as history or… Fitness!

The major difference between Google+ and Facebook really lies in a couple of interesting features. One feature is something they refer to as “Circles.” Circles allow you to share things with different people. For instance, you can have a circle just for friends, another for family, one for work, and yet another for a particular interest. So say you want to share a photo album with just your friends and family, Google+’s circles allow you to do just that.

Another unique feature for Google+ is something called “Hangouts.” With hangouts you can video chat with up to 9 people at at time. As recently as January, President Obama actually used this feature to answer questions about his State of the Union address.

For more information about Google+ and how to join, just visit Google’s Overview. It’s really easy, especially if you already have a Gmail address. However, you don’t need to be a Google+ member to check in on Healthy Fit’s page, you can visit the page without being member.

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