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Kathy has been involved in the weight loss industry for over 25 years. She has battled with her own personal weight issues since early childhood. 28 years ago, Kathy lost 56 pounds on Weight Watchers and did her best to keep it off.  Over time, she realized that the weight was creeping back on, “I was sloppy! I stopped weighing in. I wasn’t keeping track of my food and neglected to use my journal”. 

Flash forward to Memorial Day 2015:kathy image 3.10.16

“I was at a doctor’s appointment, and stepped on the scale backwards to avoid seeing the number. When I peeked at the number, I looked at my husband and said ‘OMG!’ I knew it was time to start practicing what I preach and walk the walk.”

Kathy’s Exercise Weekly Breakdown:

  • Monday morning Dynamic Strength with Patti
  • Tuesday morning Spin with Cecilia
  • Wednesday morning Dynamic Interval with Patti
  • Wednesday afternoon Spin with Patti
  • Friday 60-minute personal training with Patti

“I made sure to take classes I love, and switch it up so I don’t get bored.”

Diet Strategy:

  • Breakfast first thing in the morning – “I eat a bowl of oatmeal within an hour of waking up.”
  • Refuel and Build – “my post workout snack consists of a lean protein and a complex carb.”
  • Eating out right! – “I no longer eat bread at restaurants, and limit myself to one glass of wine.”

There’s no big secret as to how Kathy transformed:

  • Keep track of progress

“I weigh myself once a week, and use the Healthy Living food journal to write down what I eat.”

  • No excuses

“During the snowstorm, I checked HealthyFit’s Facebook and challenged myself to Patti’s at-home workout. I had to do 85 squats!”

  • Optimized the gym

“I do classes and take advantage of personal training.”

And most importantly:

“Do not put yourself down. Be honest with yourself and move on from bad days. “


To schedule your complimentary Healthy Living Intro, and to hear how Kathy was successful in her own weight loss goals, please speak to a Program Advisor today!

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