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Many women I speak to tell me that portion control is really difficult for them. I am a true believer that practicing portion control allows us to eat almost anything IN MODERATION. Here are some tips on how to start cutting down on your portions:

  • ENJOY EVERY BITE: Focusing on what you are eating helps you slow down between bites. Pay attention to the taste of the food. Listen to your body’s signals for physical hunger and satisfaction. When you are just satisfied STOP…your brain will get the message you are full in 20 minutes. Don’t worry about leaving food on your plate. We no longer have to be card carrying members of the “clean plate club.”
  • DON’T MULTI-TASK: Unplug all technology. You will be able to focus on what and how much you are eating.
  • USE SMALLER PLATES: We don’t need to eat off 12 inch plates. You tend to fill up the plate no matter the size. Use a salad plate. It will look like a lot of food.
  • PORTION OUT FOOD: If you want crackers, chips, cookies, etc, look at the nutrition label on the package. If the serving size is 13 pieces, put 13 in baggies. Then if you want this food you have a controlled portion rather than eating out of the box.
  • KEEP A FOOD DIARY: Noted to be the number one tool for weight loss. When you know you are going to write it down you will probably stop at a smaller serving.
  • DOGGY BAG IT AT RESTAURANTS: Ask your server to pack up half your meal in a box before it is brought to you. If you don’t do that, when the food is served to you put half on a separate plate and have that wrapped up. Two meals for the price of one.
Give these a try; what is the worst thing that could happen? You may lose those pounds you have been wanting to shed for awhile.*
Kathy Soury
Healthy Living & Weight Loss Coach
Healthy Fit For Women

*Results may vary by customer.

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