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At Healthy Fit, one of  our goals is to make sure is to offer our members all the tools they need to get  fit, and have fun doing it. Fitocracy is a great combination of both.

Fitocracy is a Website (with a newly released iPhone App) where you can track your workouts. Though there are many different sites and apps that promote this feature, Fitocracy seems to  have a much more comprehensive list when comes to the list of the exercises it lets you track. We’re talking everything from running, yoga, to squats and Zumba.

It’s more than just a tracking tool too, it’s like playing game! Fitocracy users earn points with every workout, complete challenges and quests, and follow other members’ progress. With Fitocracy’s point system, challenges and quests, you strive to work harder to “get to the next level.” Plus, it offers that instant gratification and reward for all your hard work!

Fitocracy is also very social. You can chat in group forums with those who have like-minded goals and receive “props” from other users for waking up early to get to Pilates or perhaps losing 5 pounds.  When you find yourself among so many others making health and wellness a priority, it’s likely to encourage you to do the same.

To try it out for yourself, check out Fitocracy here.

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