Comparison is the Thief of Joy

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 Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said “I hate this (insert body part)” or “I am so fat”?

In a study of college students, 74.4% of normal weight women said they think about their weight “all the time” or “frequently”.

Do you have low self-esteem, lack self-confidence, or have poor body image? You are not alone. Focus on appearance is at an all time high.

When we have poor body image or low confidence, it can really impact how we go through our lives and how people interact with us.

What are some factors that affect body image?

  • -Comments from family and friends.

  • -How often we compare ourselves to others.

  • -Exposure to  “idealized” vs. “normal” bodies (think the media).

How can we improve our body image? I recommend taking the emphasis off the scale or the BMI for one. We all have to remember our weight does not dictate who we are. Focus on a healthy lifestyle. Your health will improve and you will feel better (about yourself too). Put more focus on how your clothes are fitting better, what things you can do now that you weren’t able to do before. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are unique. Decrease the times you “body check” yourself in the mirror for the flaws. Go to the mirror and focus on all your positive features!

 Come up with a list of what you like about your body:

  • “I love my eyes. They let me see my beautiful family.”

  • “I love that my arms are strong to hug my friends and family.”

  • “I love that at my age I am so active. It keeps me young.”

We all have to step away from the negativity and focus on the positive!!!  AND REMEMBER: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!



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