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Sarah’s Sistas!

Everyone on my team worked hard and learned the benefits of heart rate training. Many women on my team work out regularly but definitely experienced the benefits of tracking workouts with MyZone. By the end of week 10, thumbnail_sarahs-group-1I noticed an immense change in everyone. It was rewarding to see how hard they all worked each week during the competition.  I know my team has continued their workouts beyond the Challenge. GREAT JOB! THANKS FOR MAKING THE 10 WEEKS SO AWESOME!

Here is one of my  favorite testimonials from Julie on my team:

I have to admit I was very nervous in the beginning. But you have been so kind and encouraged us no matter what level we were on. Last Monday I had surgery and was told to not workout until my next appointment. I was going to go anyway because I was more upset about letting my teammates down, but was ‘encouraged’ not to just in case I fell or something. That’s what this program does to the participants.”

– Julie I.



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