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Team Beeyotches!

These ladies were just Phenomenal!!! All from different walks of life with different goals and the strangest thing was even though they all had very different personalities they meshed so quickly and very well!!!

I’m just going to say this:thumbnail_roxannes-group-1
With every profane word in the book I have to substitute (in honor of one specific team member) these ladies busted their Fudgin Gluteus Maximus’s OFF!!!

They came in they NEVER said No I won’t try although some did admit to being “afraid” of certain things¬†but hey, at the end of the day they kicked major Gluteus Maximus AND we have a 10lb. Weight loss and a few others lost weight as well along with feeling stronger, faster, less tired and definitely made fitness a priority in their lives.

I’d also like to mention how some of these ladies have worked through horrible nagging injuries, coming in after being sick while still feeling blah etc… I know who I saw at the gym every single week a few days a week putting in their own work and those are the ones who have had the most success. What some fail to realize is that prior to this challenge none of these members made it a point to get to the gym that often (or at all maybe even). One teammate made it a point to start working with me privately towards the middle of the challenge because she expressed she had some goals she seriously
roxannes-group-1¬†wanted to achieve… I trained with her last night and I was just mind blown!!! I’m seeing the change in her body, her stamina, speed and my GOD her form…ON POINT! It’s clients like her who remind me why I LOVE what I do and even motivate me when I’m doing my own thing in the gym… cause Trainers tend to forget that they’re being watched ALL THE TIME.

We are the example!

This Team worked so hard and I don’t care who technically won what or what numbers were where…
I’ve been doing this a long long time and I have NEVER come across a bunch of strong, independent hard working and very determined women!

From the cussing lawyer (whom we all love very much), to the hedge fund office ladies, moms, etc…
WOW! You’re all so inspiring!!!


To the Teammates:
It’s like I’ve got a bunch of new friends in one sitting. While I watched most change physically, we were all going through some emotional personal crap and i love how grounded you all kept me…Yes. My clients Humble my ass Daily!!!
I was going through an extremely hard time during the duration of the challenge and you guys just for that hour made me forget the bullshit and let me feel like a normal fun and happy girl without a care in the world!!!
Thank you for such a great experience!

Love y’all!!!🙏

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