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The Weekend Warriors are most certainly stronger than their strongest excuses! They set goals and showed up every week ready to chisel away at their limits. Both physically AND mentally each of team member played a key role. Injuries, illness and any other obstacles did not stop this team from supporting each 15181223_1327808087263559_344032096711565802_nother on and off the turf of that small group room. They know they have made my heart smile to see how they have motivated each other and have pushed beyond their limits. A team of ten strong women started a challenge as individuals and finished as a team. They have become a family who checks up on each other and leans on each other for motivation and support. As their coach, it was an honor to bare witness to their growth each week. This challenge was not about how much weight you want to lose or how many calories you burn. It’s about the process and the journey that happens on the way to becoming your stronger self mentally and physically.

Challenge Feedback—
“I am FINALLY starting to see some definition in my abs!”
“I’m making the gym a priority”
“I feel good about what I’m doing for myself”
“I love working as a team. Encouraging others and helping people to feel good no matter what level they are.”
“You were always positive words towards us even though there were times we were complaining.”

What the team said about each other:

Marianne VanAlstyne: Captain, supporter, motivator, leader thumbnail_rosas-group-1

Carol Delibero: Motivator & Comic Relief

Carol Ventura : Perseverance

Emily Houghton: Motivating

Kristin Rodriguez: MVP

Kristin Logiudice: Never gives up

Lisa Martello: Dedicated

Kathryn Martello: Always positive

Meghan Byrnes: Driven

Nadia Ayaso: Hard-worker

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