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Congratulations to all the winners and coaches who worked so hard during a very long competition.

We’re all a little exercise obsessed. No mistake that I have to run and sweat 5 days a week, but it works. Those endorphins if we could bottle it, well you know. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sunglasses and indoor
I’ve known the majority of these women for years. Know their drive, fitness levels, strength and weaknesses. We build on that.
Consistency was key to winning. None of these Women went from 0-100. They were working hard 5 days a week way before competition time.

I Couldn’t be good at my job unless I loved it and I do. When you mention competition to people like us this is what happens. No one was injured and for that I’m thankful. My Ladies worked hard. At the end it really did feel like teamwork.

Camaraderie and a need to win. That’s what drives the inner athlete. Eye on the prize. Didn’t matter what it was. Way to go girls! Strive to be fearless, sweat, and stay strong! You did it!

Shout out to:

our tech support and resident superstar. It takes incredible focus and determination to be the My zone champion. Boom! You did it. Now take some time off, sleep in, please give your body some recovery time. Great job!

for her iron will, serious athletic focus and all those woohoo’s!!

Katy,Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes
for her marathon training

Our team cheerleader who knew her personal goal from the start and achieved it

for really stepping it up

for her comedic dancing and amazing spirit!

Lara and Heidi,
for their comic relief and… damn. all those Meps!

for her jump roping skills and working on form before competition time.

We did it girls! Congratulations! So proud to be your coach!

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