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Breast Cancer Prevention

Here are ways to protect your breast health:

1) Watch your weight. Keep a close check on your weight and weight changes. Being overweight or obese increases breast cancer risk. This is especially true after menopause and for women who gain weight as adults. If you’re already at a healthy weight, stay there.

2) Exercise regularly. Many studies have found that exercise is a breast-healthy habit.

3) Stand up! Or at least limit time spent sitting. Evidence is growing that sitting time increases the likelihood of developing cancer, especially for women.

4) Wine not. Limit your alcohol intake. The American Cancer Society recommends women have no more than 1 alcoholic beverage in a single day.

5) Don’t smoke! Enough said.

6) Check yourself. Perform regular self-examinations and have regular check-ups with your doctor. Women should be familiar with how their breasts normally look and feel and report any changes to a health care provider right away.

7) HRT… a thing of the past? Avoid or limit hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was used more often in the past to help control hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause but researchers now know that postmenopausal women who take a combination of estrogen and progestin may be more likely to develop breast cancer. In addition, it can increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, and gallbladder disease. Check with your doctor to choose what’s best for you.

8) Take special care of your lymph system. The lymph system is critical in defending the body against germs like viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can cause illnesses. Lymph drainage exercises and massage can help with lymph flow and keep all bodies healthy (including men’s).

Resources: American Cancer Society-, Living Beyond Breast Cancer- .org, National Cancer Institute

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