Are you stress eating?!

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Before you grab that cookie or treat, pause and think. What is really making you grab for that food?

Emotions, (stress, anxiety, joy, sadness,…) tend to dictate what you’re going to eat, and it usually isn’t carrots…

RESPOND to the trigger, don’t REACT. Remember, no amount of food is going to make you feel better; well maybe it will, but momentarily. Then when you are knee deep in crumbs or wrappers the guilt sets in…GUILT IS THE MOST FATTENING THING YOU CAN HAVE and only leads to more negative thinking. Let’s not forget about the sugar crash… you’re literally feeding the beast.

Think about this: whatever triggered you to grab the #comfortfood is still there…you haven’t dealt with it yet.

Don’t deprive yourself. Be mindful, aware of what and why you are eating.

Find things to help you relax. Sit with a mug of hot water and lemon (I find it very soothing and calming). Get a massage, go for a walk, COME TO THE GYM!

The mind is your most powerful tool. Don’t let it trick you into self sabotage when times get tough. For more tips and support, book a complimentary Healthy Living session with Kathy today!

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