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When you incorporate movement into your day, you physically feel better and your stress decreases. And while regular exercise has been shown to improve our ability to make complex decisions and boost our mood, prioritizing small bursts of movement — even a stretch — can also help reset a stressful moment and calm a racing mind.
Which of these reasons will inspire you to fit a burst of movement into your schedule today?AndreyPopov/ Getty Images

Jump for 60 seconds before a meeting…

Whether you’re in a mental or emotional sleep and need to be “on” for a meeting, one of the simplest physical actions: JUMPING, can totally shift your mood and leave you ready for action.

Stretch while you’re on a call

Set a reminder on your phone to stand up, stretch, and maybe do a few arm circles or head rolls. No one’s looking so why not?! You’ll feel better after!

Take a break for a solo dance party

Our go-to way to energize during the work day is by having a mini-dance party! Step away from your computer, disconnect from my phone, and play a song or two that you love. A lot of people do this after the work day but we’re encouraging you to give it a whirl midday and take a break. It’s a sure way to break up the monotony and get a surge of endorphins.

Do ten jumping jacks to re-energize yourself

Sounds pretty miserable, especially when you’re already tired, right?! Trust us- it does the trick! Get up from your desk and do 10 jumping jacks (or burpees) to break out of that energy slump!

Squat while your coffee brews

Instead of viewing exercise as ‘all or nothing,’ we’re believers in taking micro-breaks for movement. It’s amazing what a one-minute or five-minute burst of exercise several times each day can do. This can include a set of squats while your coffee brews, a neck or chest stretch after a phone call, or climbing the stairs in between meetings.

Try a one-minute wall sit at the office

A good brisk walk around the block will get you back to ‘normal’ quickly and before you start working again, try a one-minute wall sit or chair pushup to get your blood flowing one last time.

Take a “productive break”

Get up and unload the dishwasher, or throw in a load of laundry, or maybe prep dinner. These little five-minute breaks get you up from your desk, allowing you to move a little bit and checking off things on your to-do list as you get through the day. This is one of our favorite WFH tips to stay on point and active.


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