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Think you’re too busy to work out? Too overwhelmed with everything on your plate to fit it in? We know the feeling – we’ve all been there. Inspiration to the rescue! Member Julia Vozza has found a way to make fitness a part of her regular routine in spite of her busy life as a mom, full-time nursing student and part-time hairdresser!* Her commitment gives us that “yes we can!” feeling, so we wanted to share it with you…

Typical week?  Monday thru Thursday- bring Olivia to school in the morning, then head straight to CNR where I’m in class until 3:30. Pick Olivia up from babysitter. Try to find a healthy snack for her and myself (depending on my work load that night/week choose what time I’m going to make it to the gym). Usually choose a spinning class a few days ahead of time, but plans change–kids are unpredictable! Often save school work and laundry for after Olivia goes to sleep. I often put the gym first before getting those things done…it works well for my busy schedule.

What motivates you? I’m often motivated by progress that I’ve seen myself make in the past. I ran my first half marathon in February of 2014 in Austin, TX, I never thought I would be able to run even 2 miles! I still can’t believe that I ran 13.1 miles so that often motivates me. I look back and think of all the training I did through the freezing cold winter and even in the snow! I can still remember how great I felt after each training run and that amazing feeling of crossing the finish line. It continues to motivate me. When I feel sluggish I remember how good I feel when I commit to taking care of my body. I feel confident in my clothing, I have energy while running around with Olsuper womanivia, and I know I’m doing the right thing for myself. I also know that I’m showing Olivia how to respect herself and take care of her body as she grows up.

Gym schedule? I try to carve out 4-5 days that I can get to the gym, every week. If I have a busy weekend with school work or Olivia I tell myself I have to make it to the gym at least once that weekend. The girls at the club who stay with Olivia during babysitting hours are LIFESAVERS when it comes to getting my “me” time. I know exactly when they’ll be there so it’s a guarantee that I can get in a work out. No excuses!

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated, what helps give you that extra push? I like to look at my Pinterest motivation boards from when I was training for the half. I also like to look at the progress I’ve made in the past and again think about how good I felt.


Go-To stress relief: I have a great group of friends that I often go to for support. The gym is next, but when I can’t make it to the gym I take 5 minutes for myself to just breathe. If I have some “me” time I’ll take the long way home and listen to some music. I get the same release and free feeling as I do when I’m in spin class!

Go-To workout: Spin! I love spin! I’ve been going to Caitlin’s class recently and it is so motivating. I feel so strong when I’m pushing on the bike. Her encouragement really challenges me to keep going. I like knowing exactly what I have to do, it takes the guessing out. It’s as close to running as I can get, while being with other people. There’s something about all the ladies in spin class pushing themselves that makes me want to push harder with them.

Go-To pre-workout fuel:  Granny Smith Apple and a few slices of sharp cheddar cheese. It’s enough to hold me over through a workout before my next meal. I also love peanut butter/chocolate chia bars.

Favorite workout song: Currently: Ex’s and Oh’s- Elle King (I work out to a lot of different music depending on what I’m doingIMG_6905 but I love Hardwell on Pandora and Atreyu for when I’m pushing through a really challenging work out.)

Advice to other moms juggling school/work balance: Someone once told me I had to put myself before Olivia, I thought that was crazy, but they told me to think of it as giving myself oxygen first in order to be able to help those around me. Working out helps me stay level while handling the stress of going to school and being a mother. If we learn to make time to take care of ourselves, we’re showing our children how to make time to take care of themselves. It’s a gift!

Best part about feeling good: I did this! No one gave this to me, it has been earned!

We love that – no one can give this to you – it has to be earned! Julia’s story reminds us that most obstacles are not true barriers – they are just challenges to be overcome. Every woman we know is savvy enough to find her way around a road block if she really wants to! We hope that Julia’s words are an inspiration for you, and that something inside you is saying “I can too!”

…Now… I wonder if there’s still room in that spin class…!

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