5 ways to feel happier (and break a sweat at the same time)

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1. Stop chasing superficial goals and make happiness your priority
Quit comparing yourself to others. You may think what you really want is chiseled abs and that J Lo booty but what you need to focus on is feeling confident, strong and happy. Jamie LeVine our Fitness Director recommends choosing a workout that boosts your mood over one that makes you miserable. Which brings us to….

2. #FindYourHF
If you really hate a workout, find your healthy fit. If you hate running, try cycling. If lifting weights bores you, try bodyweight intervals. If you genuinely hate something, it’s time to try something else. We offer over 85+ group classes check out the schedules here!

3. Focus your thoughts
Whatever we focus on, we feel. So if you get to your favorite cycling class after an insane day at the office and think about that infuriating email from your boss the entire time, you’re not going to be doing your mind any favors (and probably will have terrible form, too). Think about, ‘What am I going to focus on? What do I want to feel?’” If you want your physical body to thrive, you need to think about things that are uplifting.

4. Be your own cheerleader
Brightening up your mental dialogue is a key element to finding your inner athlete. Try telling yourself the story of a strong, powerful woman who made it to a workout and is going to be stronger and healthier because of it.

5. The Buddy system
Exercise is always more fun with friends. If you’re feeling off your game, it’s time to bring in the troops. Make a fitness date with a girlfriend or coworker, whether it’s taking a class together, or meeting up on the treadmill to walk and chat! The fact that someone else is holding you accountable will be the added kick in the butt you need to get going. Need a few guest passes? Click here.

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