5 Tips to a Healthier Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving Healthy Fit Family! As many of us sit down with our families and friends tomorrow, here’s a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to holiday feasting time. HINT: Don’t worry you can still enjoy your favorite treats, including that pumpkin pie!

 1. Eat Breakfast.

With all the excitement that Thanksgiving lunch or dinner brings, sometimes we have a tendency to either forget to eat breakfast, or “save your appetite” for the larger meal. Instead, eat a small breakfast that way you’re not starving at the family table.

 2. Get Physical!

No, we don’t mean get into a fight with your mother-in-law over lumpy gravy, we mean get a workout in! No reason to stray from your stray from your normal week-day workout routine, especially when we’re offering three Spin Classes on Thanksgiving Day!

  • 8:30AM Spin with Diane
  • 9:30AM Spin with Tanya
  • 10:30 Beginner Spin with Karen

 3. Be Mindful of Portions

When you keep your portions reasonable, you can enjoy whatever you like! Fill your plate with small portions of holiday favorites, including turkey, veggies, and sweet potatoes. Don’t rush through the meal, enjoy the conversation, and give your body some time to register that it’s full. Then skip the seconds (we all know leftovers the next day are awesome) and leave room for a slice of pie.

 4.Don’t Worry So Much

This is not a day to stress out about eating or dieting. Think of it as a day to maintain weight, instead of losing it. It’s only one day, enjoy yourself! Remember, an occasional higher calorie day every now and then is OK, as long as you maintain that overall trend of eating healthy.

 5. Consider Some Healthier Substitutes

A few healthy swaps:

  • Instead of butter on veggies try balsamic or cider vinegar for a kick of flavor.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder and natural coconut flakes to your dessert recipes instead of using chocolate made with refined sugar.
  • Use low fat chicken broth instead of butter in the stuffing.
  • Sweet Potatoes instead of Yam, yes there is a difference. Yams don’t have a ton of nutrition, but sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin. While were at it, instead of marshmallows, try using apples. Trust us, it’s good.
  • Check out this Healthy Green Bean Casserole recipe on our blog!


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