“I joined Healthy Fit in July 2006 and after working out on my own for a few months, I wasn’t seeing results, lost motivation, life got busy and I stopped going to the gym. I found myself at my highest weight ever in my life and decided this was not the life I wanted. On September 4, 2007 I decided to take care of myself and began my “lifestyle change” when I started following Healthy Fit’s weight loss program. With Lisa by my side as my weight loss coach, I have lost an incredible 100 pounds in 12 months and am almost at my goal weight! Although I am the one making the food choices for my body, I know the one-on-one support and guidance Lisa has provided me, has kept me accountable and motivated. I have never had this much success losing weight in the past.

For me, I thought I was doing the right thing by going to the gym and doing some cardio and the weight machines. It was obvious to me when I started group and personal training, that I had not been working my body the way it needs to be worked. The trainers work with me to determine which areas I need to focus on to get the results I want. This is another step that helps me stay motivated and accountable.

Now, when a poor food choice is presented to me, I think of how much harder I will need to work out, I think about my nutrition coach and trainers, and the time they have invested in me and I think about what they would say when looking in my food journal… but most of all, I think about how it would be disrespecting my body, and I make a healthier food choice.

Life is all about choices and consequences. For every choice you make, there is a consequence… some are good, some are bad. I’ve learned to respect my body by making better food choices, as well as better life choices. Failure is just not an option. This is the only body I get, so it isn’t negotiable to not take care of it.”