Nicolette Finley is one of those people who never had a weight problem growing up. She ate everything she wanted and never gained a pound, but eventually the combination of bad eating habits and no exercise caught up with her.

Here is her story:

I never imagined that I could feel so good after losing only 28lbs, but it’s amazing how much more energized I feel.  I am more confident and feel even more motivated to keep on track and continue on this healthy eating/living lifestyle.

I started going to Healthy Fit in August 2008.  I was working out very hard, but not losing anything. I had tried Weight Watchers and almost all of the fad diets and nothing worked. I was getting fed up and thought I would never lose the weight I needed to in order to be healthy. Then I heard about the weight loss program at Healthy Fit…and the rest is history.

I started working with my weight loss coach, Jenn, on August 31, 2009. I learned the importance of tracking everything I ate in my food journal. I learned how critical it was to time my meals, to measure out my portions and to track calories. I am now aware of the time of day that I am eating and how many times in a day that I eat.

Accountability has a lot to do with why I have succeeded in this program.  I see Jenn weekly and she’s always giving me healthy alternatives to the foods that I crave.  Having a knowledgeable coach, who has been through the program (and is still working it), gives me the courage to make the changes that I need to my bad habits in order to maintain my weight loss.