“I would like to start by saying that this is very difficult for me; I have always been private about my life long struggle with weight.

Like so many other families, my mother had a serious weight problem – a result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Mom passed that “legacy” to me and my siblings, many who are/have suffered from obesity related health problems. My mother lost her struggle at 66 years old due to complications of type II diabetes. An even bigger blow was the death of my only sister at age 42 from esophageal cancer. Studies show a direct link from acid reflux due to obesity and esophageal cancer. I began to worry about myself and my children, would they lose their mother way too young as well?

I first joined Healthy Fit in June 2005; I loved the program, was exercising, and trying to eat better and lost 16 lbs within the first few months. I was sidelined by a problem with my hip that ultimately led to a total hip replacement in July 2007, just in time to celebrate my 50th birthday. Of course, during this time, I had gained back the weight I had lost and more. I had just finished physical therapy, getting ready to hit the gym again and when my disabled father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. I was distraught; I was supposed to be restarting my journey to health. I forced myself to attend Lisa’s Holiday Weight Loss Workshop, and made an appointment with her for the very next night. Even though my father was very sick and the holidays were approaching, I made the decision to sign up right then for the Weight Loss program. My first goal was to make it through the holiday season without gaining any more weight. I beat that goal as well as my one year goal and have lost 83 lbs, in the past year and a half!

Maintaining the Weight Loss
I slowly began to follow the program’s ten rules, keeping an open mind. Although I thought I knew everything you could about losing weight, I realized there was much more that just “eating healthy foods.” Each week I met with my Weight Loss Coach, we reviewed and discussed my food log, the good and the bad. I always leave these meetings feeling I learned something else, that helps me make better food choices and inspired for the following week. When I think back to weight loss programs I have done, weigh in’s were usually followed by “the cheat, and catch-up” before the next weigh in. That is not a “program” for me today; I have completely changed my life style. It hasn’t always been easy, a whole lot happens over one year. I’ve made it through the holidays, a vacation, my son’s high school graduation, sending him off to college, the loss of more than one loved one, wedding’s etc. I’m working with the trainers, both in groups and one on one; I schedule my exercise time in my calendar to make sure it happens. I’ve been also been inspired by the success of other members, many who have become friends. It is fun to share recipes, tips and words of encouragement. This has been an amazing journey, I feel better than anytime I can remember. My blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels are all now well within normal ranges.”