“Coming in the door to Healthy Fit last September, I was really behind the eight-ball. I’ve been overweight all my life, trying various diets and exercise programs over the years, but now I was 50-something with an extremely slow metabolism and very little muscle tone. I had a few physical limitations and issues to deal with as well. But meeting Lisa on that first day convinced me to sign up. Not only was she a walking advertisement (she had lost about 70 pounds at that time) I was also impressed with the nutrition program itself. At that point in my life, I knew how to diet and I knew how to compulsively overeat, but I really didn’t know how to eat right. I’ve learned to make healthy choices, balance foods from different food groups, eat every few hours, and in the correct portion size for me. It doesn’t get any better than this – eating healthy, feeling good, not feeling hungry or deprived, while losing weight in the process! It’s still hard for me to believe that I’ve lost 55 pounds so far! I never thought I could ever be this successful.

That’s not to say we haven’t had to overcome some hurdles. Lisa knew going in that I was probably going to be a tough nut to crack! Twenty years ago, I had been on a super-fast, quick weight loss diet and Lisa knew that I needed to have more realistic, healthier weight loss expectations. My metabolism was also ruined by that diet which made losing any amount of weight a very arduous task. I used to say that my metabolism was in the toilet, but Lisa preferred to say that it was on a cruise ship wandering around the ocean and that we needed to help it find its way home.

I also didn’t want to work with a trainer, thinking they were only for the ‘beautiful people’. She encouraged me to give it a try, explaining how a trainer could help me improve my muscle tone and that they would be able to structure exercises to meet my goals and work within my physical limitations. I knew building up my muscle tone would also help increase my metabolism. I must admit, I was very self-conscience and nervous about working with a trainer at first. But, let me tell you, I am so glad that I followed through with it. It has been so beneficial! Not only does it keep me committed to working out at least 3 times a week, my trainers continually keep things fresh and interesting while challenging, encouraging, and praising me. It’s like having my own personal coach and cheering section wrapped up in one person! I now have better muscle tone, I’m much stronger, have better balance and I’m more energetic. I used to hate working out before, but now I enjoy it (did I really just say that?) and I really miss it if a few days go by without a workout!

Thank you everyone at Healthy Fit for helping me improve my health and quality of life! You’ve helped me reach goals (and make new ones) that I never thought were possible!”